Case Study: WQiC

Helping WQiC double website conversions through PPC Ads, SEO and Conversion Rate Optimisation!

Welding Qualification Inspection & Certification (WQiC) are a company that specialises in welding inspection, as well as providing qualifications for both individuals and procedures within the welding industry. They pride themselves on being one of the foremost independent welding certification bodies operating in the UK. WQiC have operated for over 30 years, providing verification of welding qualifications through testing and inspection. 

WQiC signed up with Every Trick alongside their sister company SureCheck NDT, and in the months that we have been working with them, we have already seen impressive results!

Since partnering with WQiC in June 2023, we have seen the following results.
0 %
Increase in website users
0 %
Increase in SEO visibility*
0 %
Increase in GA4 tracked conversions

*Data from SEMrush and Google Analytics 4

About WQiC

WQiC qualify welders, brazers, welding & brazing procedures, and operators to a wide range of British, European & International codes and standards. WQiC can qualify welding tests to various standards and codes across a wide range of industry sectors. 

The terms ‘welder codings’ and ‘coded welder’ have been used to describe the competency of a welder, along with welder approval. WQiC offer accredited Inspection Body (type A) and DBT Approved Body for Pressure Equipment qualifications that can be held by procedures and companies. They also offer individuals certification through a personnel certification scheme.

The client’s target audience is people and companies working within the welding, fabrication and construction industry who are looking to qualify themselves and their procedures to undertake specific welding jobs.

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The Project

Our task working with WQiC was to increase conversions in the form of completed website forms, along with emails and phone calls directly from the site, using a combination of Search Engine Optimisation, Paid Ads on Google and Facebook, Conversion Rate Optimisation, and Organic Social Media Content. In the period since we began conducting SEO on WQiC’s website, we have seen a significant rise in rankings for relevant search terms with high numbers of searches per month. WQiC now ranks in the top 10 for 6 keywords compared to 2 at the beginning of the project, and within the top 100 for 42 keywords. This has amounted to a dramatic increase in conversions being registered as having come from Organic Search, with 19 conversions being reported in November compared to just 9 in August.

We also ran a complete website conversion analysis and critique on the website to identify areas where we could make it easier for website users to convert, and eventually engaged in a complete redesign of their website. Alongide this, we set up multiple Google Ads campaigns for WQiC, including targeted search campaigns, competitor campaigns, and performance max campaigns, which have been responsible for dramatically increasing website traffic and driving conversions, with an extra 24 conversions being recorded from these ads over the past 3 months. 

Client Testimonial

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