Case Study: Leverint Lighting

Helping Leverint Lighting outshine the competition on Google!

Leverint are lighting and glass-blowing experts who specialise in designing and crafting luxury bespoke light fittings and fixtures. With over 50 years of combined experience and offices in London and Worcester, Leverint are one of the country’s foremost lighting specialists.  Leverint offer bespoke lighting solutions for a wide range of applications, from personal and residential projects to larger commercial designs and installations, all while bringing their signature elegant touch. 

The SEO Project

When we partnered with Leverint Lighting, our main mission was to increase website traffic with a strategic SEO campaign to help them rank as highly as possible for specific search terms, such as “Bespoke Lighting” and related keywords.

We began by conducting thorough keyword research to determine how popular our targeted keywords were on search engines and to find new, relevant keywords with a relatively low difficulty score to target for the SEO project.

Once our research had been approved by Leverint, we started by optimising the lighting products on the e-commerce section of their website. Due to the large number of products on offer, we were able to heavily target our desired keywords over many pages, with the breadth of products on sale allowing us to use a wide range of keywords to ensure they would rank highly for lots of different search terms.

We also then decided to target localised keywords, creating new pages focused on specific locations, using a mixture of localised keywords and more general search terms to strengthen SEO prospects.

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Fantastic Results

In the time since we started work on this SEO project, we have seen immensely positive results, with many keywords making significant leaps in ranking positions on search engine results pages. One of our targeted keyphrases which receives 590 searches per month, has shot up from the bottom of the third page on Google results to now ranking second place across the country. Likewise, we have seen huge gains on target keywords moving from page 4, now ranking 1st nationwide. Additional phrases have vaulted over 50 places to rank within the top 3; and other target keywords have gone from ranking outside the top 100 to being firmly ensconced within the top 10.

Leverint Lighting now ranks within the top 3 search results for 12 keywords, in comparison to just 1 when we began work on the project. They are also now ranking within the top 10 for 45 keywords (compared to just 13 when we started), and within the top 100 for 154, adding an extra 60 keywords within the timeframe.

It’s still early days, but we’re excited to see the websites optimisation continue on this impressive trajectory. 

Client Testimonial

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