Case Study: Save my service charge

Helping Save My Service Charge increase Google Ads conversions by over 4000%!

Save My Service Charge are the UK’s first Service Charge Comparison Site, helping match residents with property management companies to find the best deal for their building. Save My Service Charge was built by directors of residential management companies to provide options for residents who feel they are being unreasonably charged by their existing property management companies, as well as providing new leads and more business for managing agents. Save My Service Charge were one of our first clients, and we are delighted to continue to see positive results from their Google Ads performance. 

Since taking over their Google Ads management in January 2023, we’ve seen the following results:
0 %
Increase in website users
0 %
Increase in user engagement time
0 %
Increase in GA4 tracked conversions

About Save My Service Charge

When a block is built on land that the residents do not own, the residents become leaseholders and the land owner is Freeholder. The lease governs what regulations must be met by all residents and ground rent must be paid annually. One of the mandatory regulations is that a Property Management Company must be in place to maintain the building and surrounding area.

In some cases, the freeholder organises the Management Company. In this instance the residents can either set up a Residents Association and make suggestions to the Freeholder or exercise the Right To Manage.

The Right To Manage (RTM) enables residents to set up a company and appoint directors for the building/estate.

Directors of RTM or Residential Management Companies (RMC’s) can make decisions about the management of block, including accounting, insurance and maintenance. The director’s only legal obligation is that they do what is in all the resident’s best interests.

Save My Service Charge’s mission is to match Right To Manage Companies with Property Management Companies offering the lowest and fairest service charge prices, along with saving residents money on their building insurance, all without charging a penny to residents.

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The Project

In the time that we have been working together, Every Trick have managed multiple Google Ads campaigns for Save My Service Charge, beginning with a campaign set specifically to target residents searching for new property management companies, and expanding to include campaigns focused on searches regarding residents Service Charge, Right To Manage companies, and Building Insurance. We have also ran Performance Max campaigns on a cross-network platform to increase both page views and conversions on the site.

During this period, the Google ads have been a resounding success, generating over 300 successful sign up form completion conversions, along with 45 individual phone calls to the business directly from the Google ads, which translates to a very significant source of new business for the company. Ad performance has been relatively consistent throughout this period, with the Property Management Campaign generating the most amount of leads and conversions over the past 10 months.

In comparison to the period of time before we started working with Save My Service Charge, they have seen a huge spike in website traffic, user engagement and conversions monitored by GA4. We have seen a nearly 2000% increase in unique users visiting the website directly from Google ads, with overall website traffic from all modes of acquisition increasing by over 1000%. The number of engaged sessions both overall and engaged sessions per user have dramatically increased, along with the average engagement time per session, which solely from Google Ads traffic has increased over 70%. This shows that the ads have brought relevant traffic and users who have been more likely to convert. 

Client Testimonial

"Every Trick Marketing is without question the best marketing company that we have ever worked with. Within a matter of days, they turned our PPC campaign around and the leads just keep coming and coming! We are so grateful for their hard work and dedication. From day 1, I have been kept well informed and updated on account performance, optimisations and improvements. Our CTR & CPA has never been so healthy! From a business owner that has been burnt before, I cannot recommend Every Trick Marketing highly enough! I can honestly say we have found our marketing partner for life!" We look forward to working together on a regular basis and we would be lost without them and their marketing strategy! We would 10/10 recommend their services for any other business."

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