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Google AI Overviews Are Here!

Here are our top strategies for getting ahead and optimising for AI Overviews in Google Search.
ai marketing, worcester digital marketing, seo company, worcester seo company, oxford seo, brimingham seo agency
1. Adapt!

It’s time to adapt and start ensuring AI overviews are a well-considered part of your SEO strategy. Don’t be afraid of change, but begin understanding what you can do to stay ahead and achieve prominent positions. Platforms like SEMrush are already adapting their tools to monitor this. Recently, they’ve included an AI Overview tab within SERP Features on their Position Tracking tool.

2. Backlinks are here to stay.

As more content online becomes AI-generated, the role of backlinks and domain authority will remain crucially important for maintaining integrity in search results. By having a robust backlink profile, you’re more likely to appear as a trusted source surrounded by AI generated content.

3. Write content for AI Overviews.

Write content that leans into what the algorithm is looking for. This has always been the strategy for SEO, we’re just adapting to change. Create content that is focused and specific. Producing content that is directly relevant to a topic within your industry, and answers questions the user has effectively will enhance credibility, and improve your chances of getting featured.

4. Multimedia is key!

Give yourself the best chance by providing AI with several different forms of media. Create informative videos, infographics, use high-quality images and be sure to structure these effectively within the text. You’re then giving the AI chance to analyse assets within the content and provide the most effective to the user.

5. Structured Data.

This is one of the most important strategies you can implement to optimise for AI Overviews. This helps Google understand what your content is about and the relevancy of it to the search. It’s always been a key area in SEO, but the more accurate information you can present the AI with, the better!

6. References.

Using references from authoritative sources is key! In addition to generating high-quality backlinks, you can reference authoritative sources in order to give your content credibility. This will help you get featured in AI-generated summaries and build trust within your audience.

Want To Know More?

Get in touch with Every Trick Marketing, Worcester’s premier digital marketing agency, to find out more about Google’s AI overviews, and how targeting them can help significantly improve your SEO performance!

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