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Do Google Reviews Help With Your SEO?

Put simply, yes!

So why and how can this help?

Google sees reviews as a marker of customer trust in a product or service. Google functions as a service, and knows the best way to help customers find what they’re looking for is by directing them to businesses that have proven to be trusted by customers. This works in a similar way to link building and domain authority, the more links to your website from other trusted domains, the more google will see your business as trustworthy and legitimate. A high quantity of positive reviews for a business will send the same signals to the search engine that your business is the real deal and that customers have interacted with you, giving google more reason to rank you higher in search results! Alongside this, being reviewed by verified or regular reviewers will also help increase your rankings, with people who post more often being seen by google as more authoritative reviewers and given more weight.

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