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Do Google Ads work for Small Businesses?

Start with a campaign type that works for your industry

If you’re a small business offering a service i.e., Solicitors, Estate Agents, Accountants, then a Search campaign is almost certainly the best to get started with.

Search campaigns are the standard text ads you see when you search a phrase in Google.
A very simplified explanation of how this works on the back end is you (the business) add a select number of keyword phrases you think your customers are likely to be searching for, apply a budget, and create the campaign.

Google Shopping campaigns can be great for small e-commerce businesses! This is a way of getting your product right in the eye line of an engaged potential customer.

Invest time in becoming an expert, or get one to look after them for you

If you have a viable business, a service/product people are looking for, competitive pricing, and a website that functions well, there is absolutely no reason why Google Ads won’t work for you.

Don’t be afraid to spend budget

It can be difficult when cash flow is tight to allocate a decent chunk of money each month. The problem is if you don’t spend it you won’t get the return. No one’s saying you need to set aside thousands a month necessarily, but you do need to be prepared to spend more than a couple of pounds a day to start seeing a good return on ad spend. If you’ve got the right person taking care of the campaigns for you, you’ll see it back!

Make sure the right conversions are set up in your account and applied to running campaigns

This isn’t just important information for you, it lets Google know how well the campaigns are doing their job. This type of data for Google is really important too! Don’t just rely on goals in Google Analytics or nothing at all, this will impact how hard your budget is working for you.

Optimisation tools are essential

It would take me days and days of manual analysis to discover and change things about our client’s campaigns that an optimisation tool will do for you in seconds! You will still need to be an expert to know how to use the tool efficiently however, this allows me to charge clients less for our services, because we’re saving time and in turn, also making them more money! Win-win!

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