SEO Trends 2023

High-quality content rules!

Focus your time and energy on producing quality content that keeps readers interested. The better quality content produced, the more likely people are actually to read it! Google analyses how engaged users are with any page on your site and this is taken into consideration. If the content is interesting, original and keeps readers scrolling, this will help your chances. 

The algorithm also likes to see that your updating your website on regular basis, this lets Google know that you are likely to produce accurate information for the searcher, as your content is updated frequently. 

Featured snippets

Although featured snippets have been around for a while now, ranking in ‘position 0’ is more valuable than ever. If you’re not sure what a featured snippet is, it refers to the search result that appears at the top of page one and features the information the user is looking for, typically an answer to a question. 

Featured snippets amongst other zero-click results often leave optimisers in two minds. There’s concern that it stops the user from needing to click through to your site because their question has already been answered, however, the benefits really do outweigh this. Ranking for a featured snippet means that your result appears at the top of page one, they’re often less competitive to achieve, they stand out from other SERPs, and can help your DA score (domain authority score). 

Include video

We also have new information on Google’s developments of video structured data, allowing optimisers to add clip and seek markup to help your videos gain more visibility in Google Search! –

Local SEO

You should also be adding well-optimised location pages to your site and including content that is directly relevant and of interest to your target area. 

Topic clusters

Topic clusters refer to a group page/articles that are all focused around one core subject. You then delve into the topic in more detail and generate more content pieces to explore a range of more specific areas within. 

A topic cluster serves to answer all queries the user has regarding the focus subject area within your industry. 

The hard truth is, it’s now harder than ever, particularly as a new website with poorer domain authority to rank for competitive queries. You can be the best in the business at what you do, but ultimately that isn’t going to get you ranking on Google at the start, even if you’re producing great quality content. 

Taking on the topic cluster approach allows you to rank more easily for those less competitive queries, and through doing this begin to develop more authority. This can in turn then helps you generate traffic and a higher search engine ranking position for your pillar piece of content.

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